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Our Process

When your vehicle is damaged, we understand that time is of the essence to get your vehicle back. We try our hardest to be the most efficient body shop in the area. We will work directly with all insurance companies to make the repair process seamless for everyone.

Insurance Claim

The very first step in the repair process for a customer going through insurance is for the customer to contact their insurance company directly to let them know of the damage and receive a claim number. In Wisconsin, individuals have the ability to go to whatever repair facility they choose, whether their insurance company suggests it or not. Individuals do NOT have to go through the repair facility their insurance suggests.


Stop in at Elite Collision Repair for an estimate. Our preference is for all customers to call to schedule an estimate, so the estimator is prepared for your specific car and situation. We understand that not everyone has the time to schedule, so all walk-ins are always welcome. If a customer is too busy for either of those options, we offer free online estimates. An estimate is written by Elite Collision Repair and submitted to the insurance company for approval. When the approval is received, we will call to schedule the repair. When a repair is scheduled, the customer will be responsible for getting their vehicle to Elite Collision Repair. If your schedule does not work with our business hours, we have a 24-hour key drop off.


While your vehicle is being repaired, we don’t want you to worry. All vehicles are well cared for by our outstanding staff. If there are questions at any time, reach out by phone, email or in-person. We are never too busy for our customers and want everyone to feel comfortable.

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