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About The Owner

Meet Aaron Jungbluth

It was a lifelong dream for Aaron Jungbluth to own his own body shop. After many years of dreaming and talking about it, he was able to buy an auto body shop and start Elite Collision Repair in 2020. Aaron has been doing auto body work since high school. He worked at the same local body shop for 12 years before starting this venture. Aaron is known for his meticulous work as well as his efficiency.

Aaron is dedicated to ensuring the best work and service to all of his customers. He believes every customer should be treated like their car is his car. When he was dreaming of starting his own business, he wanted to be looked at differently. To this day, Aaron wants customers to know that he cares about each and every one of them. He takes pride in his work and wants to be known as such. Aaron was very specific when he was looking for body technicians to join his team to be sure everyone carries his same vision. When Aaron hired Todd and Todd’s son, Justin, it was the perfect fit. Not only are Todd and Justin phenomenal at their job, but they care about their work and their dedication is outstanding. We call it “The Dream Team!”

Aaron is not only dedicated to his work but is also dedicated to his community and his family. Not only did Aaron grow up in Oconomowoc, he has always worked in Oconomowoc. Aaron enjoys spending time with his wife, 4 kids and 2 chocolate labs. When you come to the shop, we’ll treat you like family.

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